Easy to Use

Our Solutions are Designed in a  Keep it Simple approach, Easy to Use,

Responsive Design

All our Solutions are built to use seamlessly in any browser,smart devices

Superb Documentation

Our Documentation is one of our key strength and brings more business.

Dedicated Support

Our support has Decades of experience in support models at various mission critical customer bases

Our Solutions




“The Best Chef is not the person who gives his best but the one who caters what the Customer want ”Our Customers rely on us to deliver intelligent solutions that provide tangible value from their IT and their people. With such a wide range of skills in-house we can bring to fruition an equally diverse array of projects. All with our Experience and passion to get maximum customer satisfaction.


“Our Business Intelligence Reporting Solutions helps to bring out Information out of the Data”In this IT Era everyone has Tons of data in their drives and database, Our BI solutions brings out the key information which brings value to their business and to forecast their projections.Our experts can work with any database,and of any type and will excel in building the best reports in its best form and in the way our customers wanted.


 ” There is no Garden without a Gardener”

Support is our core strength and our business evolved from a core support team,

Our leaders strongly believe in Support which is the only long term relation with our Customers. We focus on the sensitivity of a Node and not it’s Size.

We grown along with the technology, we still remember those days where we were busy in searching a capacitor for 286 based hardware. where the entire world was running on mmx processors.

Now we have experts in any cloud technologies, say it as a Amazon or a G-Cloud.

if you need a piece of hardware and want it run round the clock, Leave it with us and you can focus on your Mainstream Business.



Our Journey




We started as a PC Hardware Service known as Sharp Info Solutions in 2001 at a small office with a small team but with High Aspirations. In the last 15 years we evolved as Masters in  Infrastructure Management  and Experts in Business Intelligence Products.

We grown up along with the Technologies seeing all Huddles, Changes, Miracles in the IT Industry, which is one of the challenging but prospective Business in our Decades.

We equip ourselves in the Fast Phase Growth of Industries and our roots grow deep into the Technology like a Tap Root Tree. But Our Customer Segments grow in a Wider way.


“Our BI Solutions  helps to Information out of the Data”

Today, Our  focus is  on empowering and educating  our Customers in the IT Space  by Providing  Intelligent Solutions with a Peace of Mind Support.

Our Strong Expertise and Support Minded approach will help our Customers to Focus and Excel in their Respective Business and we take care of their  IT Infrastructure and their valuable Data.



” A Branch Grows along with the Tree”

Our Key mission is always to get the Complete satisfaction of our Customers


— Optimizing the Cost for their IT Expenses

— Ensuring  the protection of their Data

— Delivering a Intelligent Solutions to improvise their Business






Freedom & Independence

Our Customers has complete freedom in Selecting the Solutions what they want, what they wish, and We provide them right advise, perfect solutions and promise to take care of the products.



Passion & Hardwork

At  Kmine , we are driven to go above and beyond. We are passionate about defining individuals as high achievers in business and in life. Overcoming challenges, maximizing relationships, and setting higher standards … We always seek to improve and meet new standards of excellence.



Honesty & Integrity

By Demonstrating strong character under pressure. Committing to responsible decision making and refusing to lie or deceive. It’s not just business. These values define us, personally and professionally





Our Services

Kmine Solutions

We Design Solutions which are Simple But Robust, Light but Stable, Secure but Seamless, Main thing We Design Solutions what our Customers Wanted.
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Kmine Intelligence

We Data Experts are Masters in Mining the Information from the Data, which is as easy as bring out the Diamond out of the Fossils.
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Kmine Surveillance

Our Core., Our Values and Our Pride is our Support System, we believe Support is the bottom of the Iceberg,root of a Tree, Heart of our Systems.
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Our Portfolio


Technical Strategy

Your project needs more than great ideas: it takes solid execution and sound strategy to succeed. Our team equipped with decades of experience in planning,designing, building, and launching Business Critical Applications.

Investigating complex problems and overcoming complex Business model challenges is our area of Expertise: we can help guide your journey from idea to launch.

Technical Mentoring
Finding a Solution  architects who can excel in any Technology Platform is quite challenging , despite the growth of Monster IT Industry. We are lucky and proud to have such rare skilled People who can help your Business to make better decisions about your IT needs, choosing the right IT technologies and provide the best practices.

Design Consulting

You know your users aren’t just using our solutions on their desktop. They’re coming from iPhones, Androids, tablets, Connected TVs, and pretty much every other device imaginable.

We also know we don’t have  the capacity to build a different experience for each  platform,  so we decided responsive design’s the way to go.

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